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2018/19 PTO Officers

It is with great pleasure (and appreciation) that I announce next year’s PTO officers! At Tuesday’s meeting, the board unanimously confirmed the 2018/19 leadership team:

  • Co-presidents: Todd Helmbrecht & Dave Stephens

  • Vice President: Adam Meyers

  • Treasurer: Jennifer O’Neil Sebaratnam

  • Assistant Treasurer: Amanda Silver

  • Ways & Means: Becky Cooke, Jolie Helmbrecht, & Liz Drews

  • Members-at-Large: Tanya Auger & Lauren Lin

  • New Families: Janine Paye & Julia Rhinesmith

  • Creative Arts & Sciences: Carrie Chu, Michelle Fang, & Jamie Foley

I know that my broken-record routine is likely getting old. But it bears repeating: that we had so many people volunteer for positions is such a testament to the commitment across the Hardy community. And we should all be proud that we collectively foster that sense of community. Thank you ALL . . . but a particularly emphatic thank you to the group above!

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