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METCO stands for the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, a state funded, voluntary educational desegregation program designed to eliminate racial imbalance through busing.  The METCO program is funded by annual state grant under the Racial Imbalance Act. 


METCO’s mission is to provide, through professional leadership and voluntary citizen action, the development and promotion of quality integrated educational opportunities for urban and suburban students in the Greater Boston community, and to work towards the expansion of a collaborative education program with the Boston and suburban school systems.


  • To provide the opportunity for an integrated public school education for children of color from racially- imbalanced schools in Boston by placing them in suburban schools.

  • To provide a new learning experience for suburban children.

  • To foster closer understanding and cooperation between urban and suburban parents and other citizens in the Metropolitan Boston area.

METCO in Wellesley Public Schools

Wellesley began its relationship with the METCO program in 1966 as one of the original seven founding districts.  Around150 METCO students are enrolled in grades K -12 in all nine of the Wellesley Public Schools: Fiske, Bates, Schofield, Sprague, Hunnewell, Hardy and Upham elementary schools, Wellesley Middle School, and Wellesley High School.  Enrollment is based on annual program funding, available seating, and completion of the intake process.

What makes the Wellesley METCO program special?

  • Diversity awareness and education program participation

  • Caring and qualified METCO staff

  • Wellesley METCO Parent Council

  • Extensive extracurricular programs including various sports, drama, music, clubs, and academics at all levels

  • Breakfast provided for all elementary METCO students

  • Onsite tutoring and off - site tutoring referrals

  • SAT Prep programs

  • 100% of METCO seniors have passed the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS)

  • Tutoring/Mentoring program with WHS, Babson College and Wellesley College students

  • Award winning Step Team

  • Teaching that Excellence and Affinity Matter: Affinity and tutoring program for elementary program.

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