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MISSION - The mission of the Hardy School PTO is two-fold: 1)  We strive to bridge the gap between the funding provided by the Town of Wellesley and the funding required to provide our children with their complete Hardy School experience.  Field trips, Creative Arts & Sciences programming, Author in Residence Program, new library books, and teachers’ discretionary funds are all examples of key items that are supported by PTO funds.  2)  We strive to create opportunities for parents to feel connected to their child’s education and to model R.I.S.E., fostering a strong sense of community and school pride.

APPROACH - The PTO plans and executes fundraising and community building events and programs.  Widespread participation across the entire Hardy community is key to our success! 

EXECUTION - Members of the PTO Executive Board believe in the Mission of the PTO.  We build upon past successes and incorporate new ideas and perspectives.

VOLUNTEERING - If you want to volunteer, we will work with you to find an opportunity that aligns with your interests and availability. Please see specific opportunities posted throughout the year, or contact us at any time!

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