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Hardy Community Rallies Support for Hurricane Victims

The brunt of the 2017 hurricane season may be focused in the southeast and Texas. But the empathy from the Hardy community knows no geographic bounds. Hardy's emphasis on community service has once again emerged under the stewardship of Lauren Lin, Hardy PTO Member at Large. Teaming with the Shaunna Wuczynski, Nicole Meyers, and the rest of the PTO community service team, Lauren (et al) have launched a school supplies collection drive.

From September 18 - 22, you can donate supplies at morning drop-off or in a box in the front office. Those supplies will then be shipped and distributed to families directly affected by the recent storm(s).

For more information please refer to the informational flyer. And, again, huge credit to the community service team for mobilizing so quickly and thank you for any and all donations.

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