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Annual Appeal Donor Honor Roll

And equal thanks to those donors requesting anonymity and not listed below.

Thank you all!


Monika and Kevin Tan

Julia Yang and Xianhua Yi

Alexandra and William LIngard

Yingying Qian and Ming Sun

Ninfa Candela and Rocco Coli

Jie Han and Yang Feng

Mia Hwang and Kyung Chan Hyun

Susheel Sukhtankar and Ushma Multani

Daniel and Marah King

Amy and Chris Baugh

Elliot and Karly Servais

Erica Graf and Amy LaCombe

Willine Thoe and Ken Ho

Melissa and Steven Cornet

Laura Rueda Enrique Huerta

Allison Burr and Daniel Rollins

Vicky and Phil Brown

Shiri and Joseph Feingold

Shaunna and Billy Wuczynski

Jenny Tsai and Yen-Chen Kuo

Betsey and Scott Weintraub

Nicole and Adam Meyers

Lauren and Wayzen Lin

Jeanette and Charles Donahue

Andrea and Randy Schneider

Jason Miller and Anna Garcia-Miller

Pei Qi and Xiaowen Liu

Bill Chou and Estelle Lin

Anna Sau and Enraku Sargent

Tanya Auger and Andrew Kuan

Emily and Dominic Debonis

Allison and Ryan Hutchins

Laura and Leandro (Leo) Manavella

Kendra Michael and Jeffrey Hannaford

Becky and Peter Cooke

Cynthia and Victor Soohoo

Jill and Ryan Dietz

Maria and Angel Arvelo

Mary and Mike McArdle

Huan Huang and Degang Wang

Romina Bongiovanni and Jorge Villanueva

Courtney and Curt Hunnewell

Maana and Joseph Hickson

Jennifer and Gregory Piazza

Tania and George Pylyp

Shuai Wu

Dennis Callahan and Zhaoxia Ji

Lilu Guo and Ran Ye

Brooke and Kash Razzaghi

Janine and Neal Paye

Ngoc Hoang and Salvatore Insogna

Ellie and Brian Cullinan

Ian and Sadiya Bushner

Amanda and Joseph Silver

Yang Shen

Ilyse and Brian Cody

Marc Schwabish and Lisa Huang

Allison & Scott Barbary

Shirley Nieves

Julia and David Rhinesmith

Lori and Scott Whittemore

Michael and Carolyn Watson

Carolyn and David Morris

Madhura and Anand Acharya
Trisha and Peter Czyryca
Janaide and Don Summers

Jessie Lu and Eric Sun

Dana and Jay Zampini

Sara Recio Mazorra and Arturo Paches Cardona

Lilia Diaz and Gustavo Pinto

David and Pam Peak

Jen and Rohan Sebaratnam

Meg and Sam Steere

Margaret and Sean Lynch

Sabreena and Jason Kropp

Zhao Zhang and Peng Pan

Kristen and Mike Walsh

Meegan and Simon Dickhoven

Bevin and Robert Hale 

Cathy and John Bueker

Rebecca Crane and Matt Kim

Samantha and Steve Gauldie

Rachel and David Stephens

Yin Yu-Wong

Rich Chute and Jen Kurz

Susan and Tom O'Shea

Cheryl and Patrick Brill

Lisa and Shawn Humphrey

Kristin and Andy Brown

Shea and Ben Asfaw

Cristina and David Peters

Michelle and David Moore

Priya and Ishan Capila

Jennifer and Joe Schott

Urmila Kamat and Gautam Chhajed

Lianna and Terrill Ramage

Liz and James Drews

Tanya and Pete Lisowsky

Bin Xiang and Zhiqiang Liu

Katie and Greg Buchholz

David and Joanne Steward

Jianwei Dong and Jinghui Wu

Michelle and Joe Fang

Carrie Yue and Dingli Zeng

Michelle and Paul Davis

Jamie and Brian Foley

Hao Chen and Shurui Huang

Ellie and Ye Huang

Attila Szanto and Katalin Kis-Toth

Maitri Patel and Nimish Shah

Shannon and Steven Xu

Maria and Jack Davis

Heidi and Chris Emerson

Hongmei Li and Zuoming Gao

Surbhi and Saurabh Rohatgi

Grace Li and Frank Zhou

Marcell and Raj Bhangoo

Wei Jin and Qi Yu

Sarah and Christopher Grillo

Rebecca and Eli Burstein

Jeremy and Lorin Seidman

Angela and John Snyder

Ann Williams and Dean Schwartz
Laura and Stephen Comstock
Sally and Jim Susinno

Elke and Aidan Cardella

Al and Linda Krug

Dom and Kate Lamas

Jamie DiCesare 

Harleen and Avinash Singh

Alberto and Kristin Poch

Xiulan Li and Huibao Lin

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